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Have you ever tried a sex toy?  New to the game and don’t know where to begin?  I remember at 18 going to the drug store to by the standard pink massager way back in the 80’s but things surely have changed.

Dipping your toes into the sex toy world can be daunting as you can’t take a toy out for a test spin to see if it does the trick then return it, yuck!  Even for an experience woman like myself, I am not too keen on going to an adult store with people watching me shop and walking out with the tacky black bag.  Avoid all that and visit

Here are recommendations for beginners are a sure bet:

  1. Vibrators are the most popular of all sex toys. There are two types the bullet which is a small egg-shaped orb or the phallus-shaped.  While both can be placed directly on the clitoris, the phallus shaped can be inserted into the vagina.  For an egg shaped orb we recommend the Desire Blooms Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator  For a phallus-shaped vibrator we recommend the B cute Classic Curve


  1. Another good toy for beginners wanting to explore are bondage toys. Trying a whip or paddle to be lightly spanked with is always a good way to start.  Look for soft leather products like and so experiment with play.


  1. Great toy for couples to try is the Fetish Fantasy for Him or Her Vibrating Hollow Strap On. This strap on can be worn by either him or her to provide their partner pleasure.  The pulsating dong intensives the pleasure for those on the receiving end.


  1. Something sure to bring both of you pleasure is a vibrating cock ring. Vibrations encircle his penis shaft and press against her clitoris. Inhibits blood flow, which can help increase his erection and delay climax. Bullet can be used independently as a clitoral vibrator. We recommend the  Secret Weapon Vibrating Love Ring.


If you are looking for a toy to play solo or try something new with your partner ForbiddenLV has a wide variety of toys to pique your interest and provide you pleasure. 


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