Lesbian Sex Toy Recommendations

Inclusivity is important to us at Forbidden Love!  With many articles addressing the needs of heterosexual partners we would love make suggestions for lesbian couples!  Now are sex toys limited to just heterosexual or homosexual couples, of course not.  With a little creativity and an open mind most sex toys can be used for any body!

Here are Forbidden Love’s suggestions of toys that can add some fun for all parties in lesbian sex.

For those that like penetration, either giving or receiving, we recommend the Fetish Fantasy Series for Him or Her Vibrating Hollow Strap-On.  This one size fits all strap-on fits comfortably in place that comes with a 6-inch vibrating dildo that is sure to provide pleasure.  https://www.forbiddenlv.com/product/fetish-fantasy-series-for-him-or-her-vibrating-hollow-strap-on-flesh/

Picking the perfect dildo is important.  There is much to consider, such as, size, shape, vibrating or non-vibration the material it is made from, and whether it is curved or straight.  Then there is the whole other aspect of look.  Do want the total authentic look, balls and all, or would you prefer not making the whole actual penis visual connection.  Ah, the possibilities are endless.

For those of you who are both fans of penetration, I would highly recommend the Strap U Evoke Vibrating Strapless Silicone Strap-On Dildo which is a harness free way to both give and receive pleasure.  https://www.forbiddenlv.com/product/strap-u-evoke-vibrating-strapless-silicone-strap-on-dildo/.

In the mood for a quickie?  When not looking for anything fancy why not try out a finger stimulator?  These finger sleeves can be either used on yourself or on your partner.  Although it isn’t complicated, it provides all the right clitoral sensation.  https://www.forbiddenlv.com/product/secret-touching-finger-massager/

Ready for some serious clitoral stimulation? Try our Desire Blooms Clitoral Massager, https://www.forbiddenlv.com/product/desire-blooms-rechargeable-clitoral-vibrator/.  This massager will provide sensations you have never felt before.  It may look like a tongue but can provide satisfaction like your tongue can’t.  A plus is that your tongue is free to explore other things!

Although I am a straight gal I do know that sex works differently for same sex couples, but with these sex toys you can’t go wrong.  Give them a try and you will see what I mean!

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