What She Really Wants for Valentine’s Day

So, it is polite to say, “it’s the thought that counts,” but truly we all know there is nothing worse than getting a gift that doesn’t fit you at all.  This is especially true when is comes from a loved one or a partner who is supposed to really know you. 

Forbidden Love has some ideas that are sure to please your partner this Valentine’s Day.

  • Rompers are all the range both in and out of the bedroom.  A sexy little romper is likely to make your girl smile. 
  • A special romantic dinner cooked by you.  Why spend tons of money and fight the crowds when all your partner wants is you!
  • Who doesn’t like a massage?  Treat your partner to sensual aromatherapy massage in the privacy of your own home or if you’re feeling extravagant you can never go wrong with a spa certificate!
  • Cash… sometimes being able to get exactly what you want is the best gift ever
  • A sexy toy to spice up the bedroom.  Nothings better than an amazing night of sex, adding some fun sexy toys into the game will never hurt. 

Valentine’s day doesn’t have to break the bank!  A thoughtful gift from the heart is always appreciated.  Come see what we have to offer at Forbidden Love www.forbiddenlv.com

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