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I must admit sometimes, more often than not, I need some help getting my engine running!  With life’s demands my mind is often on other things and not sex, foreplay can help focus your mind and body.  But how can you keep from getting stale in bed with the same old foreplay moves?  After a little research here are some new moves and body parts worth trying in the bedroom tonight.

Kissing or tickling the nape and shoulders is a great way to get things started.  This sensitive part of the body responds quickly to light nibbles and love bites. 

And while you are there why not try the earlobes?  According to the author, Xanet Pailet , the ears and earlobes are a sensitive zone for many people.  Why not try licking, nibbling and blowing in your partners ear tonight? 

Instead of going straight to the genitals, massage experts from White Louts East in NYC, recommend stimulating the surround areas around the genitals.  Kissing or caressing the pubic bone and hips can unlock passion.  For men massaging the perineum area can be a tremendous turn on. 

There is nothing like a sexy passionate kiss.  Variations during kissing is always hot, biting your partners lower lip or tracing your tongue around their lips.

Research shows one of the most sensitive nerves on the body is located at the top of the inner thigh.  Teasing the upper thigh region with your finger or tongue “indirectly stimulates the genitals.”     

Hope some of these ideas add some spice to your sexual game tonight!

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