Body Confidence and Sex

With the new year in full swing, everything on TV news and the internet is about dieting and losing weight.  It makes me wonder, do we have an unhealthy obsession with how our bodies look and how is this effecting our sex lives?  Recently, a friend confessed to me that she rarely has sex with her husband because she is embarrassed of her, “big fat ass.”  I tried to convince my beautiful friend that I am sure all her husband would be thinking about during sex is that he yeah, he was having sex. 

To tell women just to get over it and be happy and confident with their bodies is easier said then done.  There are some small easy steps you can practice trying to turn your mindset around to make you feel more comfortable with your body. 

  1.  Think positive thoughts.  Negative self can not only diminish your self esteem but your sex drive.  Catch yourself when negative thoughts and stop them in their tracks.  Being mindful of your thoughts and squashing negative thoughts will help build confidence.
  • Watch who you surround yourself with.  Often, we pick up the mindset of the people around us.  If you surround yourself with people who always speaking poorly of their bodies or body shaming others, you too will pick up that habit.  It is time to surround yourself with people who can help you shape a positive body outlook!
  • Do what makes you feel sexy!  Wear your favorite black dress, try on a new shade of lipstick.  Do something that makes you feel like the sexy beautiful woman you are. 
  • Stop comparing.  With social media it is easy to compare ourselves with others and the “ideal” body.  Instead of focusing on others, focus on the parts of you, you like.  Is your strong shoulders, dimples when you smile, or strong legs?  Acknowledge these things and stay positive! 

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