The Big O

One topic that never seems to lose readers interest is women achieving the big “O.”  Whether you are a woman who has never experience an orgasm, one who can on occasion or a woman who can regularly hit the high note with each sexual encounter, I do know that everyone deserves to get that “Oh my god,” experience.

If you find yourself to be one of those persons missing out on the big “O” it could be a matter of method, communication and expectations.  Like with all things practice makes perfect, but just like in sports, your partner may need some coaching from you to get their method right.  Telling your partner what, how and where is the best way to ensure sexual pleasure. You can use either your words or your body to express your needs.  

Another idea in solving the big “o” mystery is experimentation.  Experimentation doesn’t necessary mean incorporating the Kuma Sutra, simply touching new areas of the body at the same or different times.   

On a side note, achieving an organism does not require a partner at all!  Getting to know your body by experimenting with your fingers and toys can help you reach the pleasure you are seeking.  There are many websites now that offer a wide array of toys geared especially for women, such as, Forbidden LV!

Every woman deserves to experience the big “O.”  Communication, experimentation and practice may be the only thing you need to get you where you want to be!

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