How to Make Ordinary Sex Hot

Have you been with the same partner for a while? Is life having you stressed? Only have time for the occasional quickie? It is easy to bring sexual fire back to your sex life!

Try out some these ideas to spice your sex life:

  • Talk It Out
    Whether it is talking about your sexy fantasies or talking about what is going on as you get it on. To shy to speak? Moans and sighs work just as well!
  • Make Eye Contact
    Making eye contact and deep kissing can really heat things up in a hurry. Looking into someone’s eyes can be overwhelming for some, but it can be the most intimate thing two people can share. It connects us with our partner and helps us to focus on the now.
  • Try a New Position
    It doesn’t have to be a wild, over the top position. Do a little experimenting and find a new position that works for both of you. A simple google of sexual positions opens a world of possibilities; with pictures for you and your partner.
  • Add a New Toy
    There are many great sex toys on the market that couples can use together see for a great selection! It never hurts to have some props when wanting to spice things up.

Small changes can produce significant results! Hope these tips can help make a hot difference for you!

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