8 Mistakes Women are Making in the Bedroom

Have you not been feeling confident in the bedroom? Or has your partner not been up to your sexual standards?

Here eight mistakes you might be making in the bedroom:

1. Faking Orgasm –

Why do women feel the need? First, it gives the wrong impression, if you are faking, your partner thinks that they satisfy you and they are obviously not! You wouldn’t want your partner to mislead you. Be true to your partner and yourself.

2. Seeing masturbation as a bad thing –

Studies show that masturbation can help improve a woman’s sex life because it helps women become more comfortable with their bodies. It also helps your body stay sexual even when you are not having sex on a regular basis.

3. Thinking you and your partner should climax at the same time –

Only in movies friends. How can you even relax and enjoy the moment?

4. Putting parameters on what “normal sex” is – 

Some say, “variety is the spice of life.” Why not spice it up with your partner by pushing the boundaries? A frank, open discussion on the topic beforehand, compromise on what works best for both of you!

5. Not talking about the problems in your sex life –

Of course, while in the act isn’t the best time to bring it up. Having a kind, open dialogue at a neutral time about issues or problems you are facing without blaming the other person. Using “I” statements instead of “you” will help your partner not feel attacked while you are getting your point across.

6. Thinking that scheduling sex is a bad thing –

Let us face it with careers, family responsibilities, etc. life gets overwhelming. It is easy to say, “oh forget about it,” when it comes to sex. Just like you schedule important meetings and appointments in your life, scheduling sex doesn’t kill the romance. When you know it is on your calendar it can build up the anticipation.

7. Worrying about the way you look –

We all have our insecurities, but that shouldn’t keep you from having and enjoying sex. When asked men usually respond that they only thing they notice when they are having sex is that they are having sex. Let go of your body hang-ups and enjoy the moment too.

8. Making him do everything –

According to the book, WTF Are Men Thinking? men like a woman who can take charge. In some circles, these men are known as “Pillow Queens.” According to them, having a woman take charge makes them feel desired and used. One pillow queen expressed, “I like being a human dildo, and not the kind that vibrates.”

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