I am shy sexually, what can I do?

Is sexual shyness inhibiting your sex life?  Do you feel not confident in bed?   Does it take you a long time to feel relaxed and turned on?  Well you are completely normal!  Sex is not something that comes naturally to all, especially women.

So, what can be done?  Get to know yourself sexually first.  What turns you on?  Do you like lights off and candles glowing?  Does jazzy music and glass of wine relax you and put you the right frame of mind?  If so set that mood and tone yourself, being relaxed will enhance and empower you.

What feels good?  If you don’t know that should be one of your main focuses.  How do you do that?  Well masturbating will help you understand what you like and what feels good to you.   Give yourself permission to find what pleasures you.  Vibrators are a great way to experiment with masturbation.  At Forbidden Love, www.forbiddenlv.com, we have a full line of vibrators for every budget and taste.  Keep experimenting until you find one that works for you.

How do you feel about yourself?  Please folks put your hang ups aside.  When your partner is with you, they are not looking at your flaws.  Do things that make you feel good about you, workout, buy sexy clothes or lingerie.  Find something that you connect with that boosts your self-confidence.

Being sexually shy is not a bad thing, but if you want to take control of your sex life now is the time to do.  Make a commitment to love yourself and be loved the way you deserve!

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