Lingerie – Is it really worth it?

Ah the age-old question, is lingerie really worth it? Come on, besides being very expensive, it ends up on the floor in a matter of minutes.  I guess it really depends on who you ask.  First off how does it make you feel?  If lingerie makes you feel sexy and confident that heck yeah, feeling sexy and confident is a gift all to yourself.

When polled most men prefer lingerie. “We are visual creatures, seeing something sexy definitely heats things up.”  When SheKnows interviewed men on the topic many said it is the anticipation of removing the lingerie.  “It is like a present from you to me.”

Lingerie can also add spice to your normal sex life. It gets to easy to get into a routine when it comes to sex.  Lingerie can take routine to spicy without a big production and a lot of effort.

Even if you feel it may be cheesy or slutty, if you feel good in it why not have some fun?

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