Empower your Sex Life

Asking for what you want in bed must be one of the most difficult conversations to have. Even if you and your partner communicate well in all other aspects of the relationship.  How can you bring up it up without having your partner feeling insecure or that they are not getting the job done? 

Having an open discussion outside the bedroom with no blame. Have a kind but direct conversation with sexual satisfaction for both partners being the focus.  Don’t beat around the bush, tell you partner “I would love it if you pulled my hair.”  “I love when you touch me hard, please touch me harder….”  Remember to ask about their wants and needs so the conversation isn’t so one sided. 

To difficult having face to face conversations? Send a racy text message…. express your wants and desires via texts.  Not only will you get your point across, but it is great foreplay. 

Sex isn’t just about pleasing your partner but pleasing yourself! Keeping conversations kind and thoughtful should open new possibilities and a fulfilling sex life for both of you.  

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