Is S & M for Everyone?

50 Shades of Gray opened minds to what was once a taboo subject, S & M.   But what is S & M?  It is defined as giving or receiving pleasure from acts involving giving or receiving pain.  Some activities include:  spanking, biting, nipple clamps, hitting, and or branding just to name a few.

What kind of people enjoy S & M? Researchers found that people with high power jobs or with lots of responsibilities in their life tend to enjoy S & M.  S & M is a way for them to be released from their high responsibilities that they carry throughout the day.  “For me it’s a shift in power because I am always in control.  For me it is a good opportunity to let go of daily pressures and find balance.  I get to surrender.”

Interested in adding S & M into your relationship but unsure where to start? Forbidden Love recommends the following:

  • Talk first, make sure your partner is open to the idea. Have an open conversation that focuses on pleasure and adding spice not what is lacking in your current love making sessions.
  • Be safe, long term couples already have a sense of trust and intimacy that newer couples may not have. Make sure that clear boundaries are set. No means no, if your partner is not comfortable they should not be forced. Safe words should be incorporated so partners can communicate when the are being pushed to an uncomfortable zone.
  • Start small! No need to go in full steam ahead! Start with a blind fold perhaps, then begin to introduce more acts or items previously discussed.
  • Do your research! Check out books or the web. Couples can research and ideas of all sorts of S & M that fit their likes and desires.
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