Ideas for Introducing Sex Toys into the Bedroom

Let’s face it, variety is the spice of life! Several research studies find that couples who explore new ways of being intimate, which may or may not include sex toys, maintain passion and desire over the period of their relationship.

These conversations may not be so easy for everyone. So where should you start?

Openness to your partner is key! The first and most important step is communication. Enter the conversation at a time when both parties are attentive and relaxed. The focus of the conversation should not be shortcomings in your current repertoire but focus on what pleasures both partners.
Focus on exploration. Long term sex with your partner doesn’t need to be boring. With the intimacy and trust of long term relationships, exploration can be more pleasurable and exciting because the trust is there. Talk about fantasies and wants from both partners in a non-judgmental and not threating way.

Lastly pick the right gear! After a conversation, needs and wants of both partners can be met. Shopping together will build up excitement and anticipation. Some couples may want to start slowly, others jump right in. Either way each person should have an input. Forbidden-Love recommends the following products for beginners wanted to take the next step in adding spice to their relationships: palm sized vibrator, vibrating cock ring and/or partner controlled vibrator.

Let the fun begin.

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